Sofitex Talent Recruitment, agency specializing in the delegation and recruitment of experts

For more than 25 years, Sofitex Talent Recruitment network has specialized in recruiting and delegating experts, and has now become one of the main cross-border actors between Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and France.

Sofitex Talent Recruitment offers candidates a personalized career path management according to the evolution of their own aspirations.

Sofitex Talent Recruitment has come to excellence because it is managed by passionate co-workers who know how to be and how to do. They get involved as real leaders, with generosity, humanism and both rigor and imagination.

The dynamic and success of Sofitex Talent Recruitment are based on mutual commitments aiming at full satisfaction of both clients and part-time workers.

High-level expertise Maxiplan

Logo MaxiplanFor more than 40 years, Maxiplan, based in Paris, has specialized in the delegation of architects, engineers, designers, projectors, graphic designers and web designers.


The SOFITEX network is certified ISO 9001.

Partnering professional organizations

Fedil Employment ServicesFSI - Fonds de formation Sectoriel pour l'Intérim

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